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Gostujoče predavanje THE SPACE WITHIN: Interior Experience as the Origin of Architecture

  • Datum in čas
    13. 10. 2022 ob 19:00
  • Lokacija
    Plečnikova predavalnica
  • Organizator
    UL FA

Vljudno vabljeni na gostujoče predavanje prof. Roberta McCarterja z naslovom The Space Within: Interior Experience as the Origin of Architecture, ki bo v četrtek 13.10. ob 19ih v Plečnikovi predavalnici.

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“Throughout human history, interior space and its experience has served as both the beginning, the initial inspiration for the design of architecture, as well as the end, the final purpose of architecture, as it is evaluated through inhabitation. Since the beginning of the modern period, and continuing today, pivotal discoveries in architectural design may be traced back to a generative ideal of intimate interior experience, and the quality of the interior spatial experience of the inhabitants may be shown to be both the primary determinant of the architectural design process, as well as the means of appropriately evaluating a work of architecture after it is built. This lecture argues that architecture is primarily concerned not with what a building looks like, but with what a building is like to live in; with how a building’s spaces are ordered to house the activities that take place within it; how a building engages its place and the history of human occupation that has taken place there; how a building is built, how it is structured, and of what materials it is made; and how these all affect what is experienced by those who inhabit it.” – Robert McCarter

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