Summer school: Nanotourism

  • Datum in čas
    06. 9. 2024
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Tourism currently faces radical changes worldwide, having previously been one of the fastest-growing global industries. The new realities that have emerged in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic offer an opportunity to rethink how we visit places and experience our home environments in meaningful and profound ways.

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This Visiting School is an architectural educational programme focusing on nanotourism as a means of articulating a creative critique of conventional tourism. Through critical thinking and close collaboration with local stakeholders, we will develop case studies of nanotourism to reveal hidden aspects of each context, addressing the place, its users and locally available materials. We will focus on creating strong concepts and prototypes in scale 1:1.  

Over the past decade, the AA Nanotourism program has produced numerous student projects that have gained recognition and been exhibited by prestigious institutions worldwide. These include the London Design Festival in 2018, the Oslo Architecture Triennale in 2019, the Vienna Design Week in 2020, the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden in 2021, and the BIO27 Ljubljana in 2022.

Date: 6 – 20 September 2024

Location: Ljubljana

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