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Andrea Arrigoni – In glass we believe

Gostujoče predavanje

  • Datum in čas
    28. 3. 2022 ob 14:00
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    Katedra TFO

Vabljeni na gostujoče predavanje arch. Andrea Arrigoni, z naslovom »In glass we believe«. Uvod v predavanje je pripravil prof. Alessio Princic.

Glass is solid and consistent and has the quality to not rise to the lapse of time, unlike other materials. Glass became the preferred material by contemporary architecture for in-door and out-door projects. Glass can be actually considered as a symbol of a new architectural trend that, in the last twenty years, started giving new shape and image to our cities. As one of the oldest materials used

in architecture, it is so important that without it we would not have architecture, we would not have a living with a sunset or a living with a view of the highest peaks of the alps. But glass has not been researched, we do not know the limits and we do not know to what extent it can be used, glass as an unknown, glass as a material in which we believe, glass as a new horizon.