The Senate

The faculty senate discusses and decides on educational, scientific research and artistic matters of the faculty, and makes proposals to the university senate for adoption of relevant decisions. The senate is the highest organizational body of the faculty. Both full-time employees with the title of Higher Education Teacher or Researcher as well as students can be elected as members of the faculty senate.

Working Bodies of the Senate


  • adopting the rules and regulations of the faculty, which must be in line with the statutes of the University of Ljubljana,
  • proposing to the UL Senate study programmes for obtaining education, as well as for further training,
  • consenting to criteria for the evaluation process of activities of higher education teachers and higher education and research associates of the faculty,
  • adopting informal education programmes,
  • appointing assessors during the election process of candidates to the titles of Higher Education Teacher (visokošolski učitelj), Researcher (znanstveni delavec), and Higher Education and Research Associate (visokošolski in raziskovalni sodelavec),
  • electing candidates to the titles of Higher Education Teacher, Researcher, and Higher Education and Research Associate, except for titles of Full Professor and Senior Research Fellow,
  • proposing to the University of Ljubljana Senate candidates for election to the titles of Full Professor and Senior Research Fellow,
  • adopting the annual work programme and the annual report of the faculty,
  • for first- and second-cycle study programmes, determining criteria for supervisors and determining the process of accepting, preparing, defending, and assessing final theses,
  • making decisions on potential revocations of all professional and scientific titles from study programmes organized by the faculty, with the exception of the doctor title,
  • appointing the committee for doctoral student monitoring,
  • deciding on extending the validity of doctoral dissertation topics,
  • proposing topics of doctoral dissertations for approval to the University Senate,
  • accepting evaluations of doctoral dissertations and appointing the committee for the defense of submitted dissertations,
  • appointing working bodies of the faculty senate,
  • preparing proposals for university awards,
  • considering opinions of the Student Council that are within the latter’s competence,
  • ensuring the monitoring of the quality of educational, scientific-research, professional, and artistic activities, and accepting self-evaluation reports from the study programmes organized by the faculty,
  • deciding on the number of enrolment slots at undergraduate and postgraduate programmes,
  • proposing candidates for the positions of rector, vice-rectors, as well as member positions in various committees,
  • as a second-cycle body, making final decisions on student appeals regarding academic matters, if such an appeal is made against the decision of a first-cycle faculty body,
  • establishing, removing, or making changes to organizational units and subunits of the faculty,
  • consenting to a educator’s academic absence that lasts more than 30 days,
  • performing other tasks and deciding in matters not specified as requiring decisions from another body of the faculty.

Sessions Calendar


Records of senate meetings are published on the Faculty of Architecture website.