Committee for Doctoral Studies

The Committee for Doctoral Studies discusses and decides on issues within its competence at correspondence meetings, in September and February, at the time of candidates' pre-enrolment presentations and at the time of the presentations of study plans and doctoral dissertation topics. Regular sessions are held on a monthly basis.


  • preparing a work programme and doctoral study report for each academic year, which is accepted by the faculty senate,
  • preparing proposals for the faculty senate regarding calls for enrolment to third-cycle programmes,
  • making decisions on enrolment of doctoral candidates,
  • preparing or updating curricula of third-cycle programmes and the implementation plan, and proposing them to the faculty senate for approval,
  • examining applications for doctoral dissertation topics that have obtained the consent of the (co-)supervisor,
  • proposing to the faculty senate the composition of the committee for doctoral student monitoring,
  • members of the committee are actively involved in presentations of study plans, and consequently presentations of doctoral dissertations,
  • monitoring the implementation of third-cycle programmes,
  • proposing to the faculty senate the rules to doctoral studies,
  • proposing to the faculty senate candidates for awards and recognitions,
  • other tasks that fall within its scope or are determined by the faculty senate.