University of Ljubljana
Faculty of architecture


Working hours
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 8.00–15.00
Wednesday: 8.00-17.00
Friday: 8.00-14.00

Outside of working hours, materials can be returned at the library postbox.
Head of library / Purchase and technical processing of materials
+386 1 20 00 723
Borrowing / Information
+386 51 315 658
+386 1 2000 751
Bibliography entries
+386 1 2000 751
+386 1 4257 414
Interlibrary loan service

The library looks after …

  • the systematic collecting, storage and borrowing of professional materials,
  • supplementation of required and recommended reading lists for individual courses,
  • supplementation of reference materials (dictionaries, professional handbooks, encyclopedias, etc.),
  • the continuous collection and archiving of leading national and international publications from the fields of architecture and urbanism,
  • supplementation of researchers’ bibliographies,
  • the accessibility of information sources.

The library aims to strengthen its role in the faculty’s educational process and research activities, acting as a supporting body and facilitating fast, high-quality library and information services that meet its visitors’ needs.