Information Technology

Internet at FA

The various internet services at the Faculty of Architecture are available to all students, staff, visiting cadre, and foreign students actively involved in the pedagogical activities of the faculty. The wired and wireless internet services are accessible on faculty grounds for computers or other devices that support an internet connection. Students can use their own devices or the ones freely available at the faculty. The latter can be found in our library, seminar facilities, offices (only to access ŠIS), etc.

Digital Identity for UL Students

All UL students use a single username and password (their digital identity) to access the different information systems at UL. Some examples of services accessible exclusively with a digital identity: e-classrooms, ŠIS, e-mail system, Office365 software, Eduroam access, UL student portals, and more.

Software at FA

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is an online software program from Microsoft that is available for free to all staff and students of the University of Ljubljana.

To access Office 365, simply log in with your digital identity.

Microsoft Azure

Staff and students have the option of using Microsoft’s array of different services (Windows 10, servers, cloud services, data bases, etc.) via AZURE, which is free for purposes of academic and research activities.

AZURE portal
(click sign in and enter your digital identity)


Autodesk offers students free access to its entire software collection. To claim your free student version of the programs, go to the Autodesk EDU portal, sign in with your student e-mail and password, and download the software.

Autodesk EDU portal


Lumion is a program for quickly designing quality visual models and creating presentations for them. It offers tools to render truly impressive high quality pictures and videos, which make introducing a project to potential investors a much easier and effective task. The program is an invaluable tool for architects, designers, landscape architects, and urbanists alike, as well as for managers of other civil engineering projects. It is used all over the world, in more than 60 countries. Given that it is especially popular among universities, future project leaders and designers will find Lumion extremely useful.

To acquire a Lumion license, you will need the following:

1. a certificate of enrolment / student ID card (scan)

2. primary residence address

3. student ID (

4. e-mail

5. phone

The above info is sent to

Graphisoft – Archicad

Graphisoft offers ArchiCAD, an all-inclusive tool for architects. Archicad is a 3D-modelling tool that employs smart object technology, transforming CAD from a simple digital drawing board into a fully-integrated 3D-architectural solution.

More information for the program in Slovenia can be found with the Pilon AEC company

You can register and download the EDU software directly from MyArchiCad

Nemetschek – Allplan

NEMETSCHEK is a German producer and vendor of high-end software for the AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering, Construction). The company is headquartered in München and operates under various brand names in all major global markets, employing more than 1200 people. Its 40 years of experience place the company at the forefront of specialized software development in the AEC field.

User registration and download of Nemetschek’s software

Maxon Cinema4D

A leading software program in the spheres of design, animated movies, and visualization. MAXON Cinema 4D is renowned for its reliability, speed, and usability, having been designed for both beginners and professionals. CINEMA 4D is the perfect tool for architects and designers who use Allplan in their line of work, as the software enables two-way transfer of data to/from Allplan.

The representative for the software in Slovenia is the company Cupola AEC

Registration of EDU users and Cinema4D download.