FA Wired Network

The network is managed by the FA IT service, in cooperation with USI - the University IT Service. The FA network is part of the Metulj university network.


How to Connect

1. Wired connection (UTP – Ethernet) is available in all lecture rooms, seminars, and offices at FA. In total, there are currently more than 1000 outlets at the faculty.

2. To connect via Ethernet, you need a device with a compatible port and network card (all modern computers come pre-equipped with an Ethernet-compatible network card), as well as a UTP cable.

3. No specialized software is required.

4. The network card of the computer or device needs to be set to automatically receive network settings – DHCP, before connecting. Other necessary settings and authentication are carried out automatically with the first connection.

Strictly Forbidden Uses of the FA Wired Network and Metulj

1. Unauthorized access and use of the network.

2. Posting or sending advertisements and spam.

3. Commercial use of the network.

4. Intentional disruption and obstruction of other users’ activities.

5. Deleting or changing other users’ data.

6. Breaches in confidentiality or leaking other users’ data.

7. Submitting or sending data that infringes on copyright laws.

8. Creating, sending or posting data of a vulgar or pornographic nature.

9. Providing false or misleading personal data to network services that require data for use.

10. Using services that are not meant for public use.

11. Using programs or procedures that jeopardize the integrity and stability of the computer itself, the computer system, or the network as a whole.

FA and USI reserve the right to take appropriate measures on the FA-Metulj network, should they find that any of the abovementioned rules were broken.