Erasmus international exchange

Incoming students

Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture and our reshuffled pages for incoming exchange students.

Dober dan in dobrodošli!

Hello and welcome!

Our faculty has a long and respectable tradition, and we are very pleased you will help enrich it further with your experiences and different cultural backgrounds. We offer a single-cycle master’s study programme in architecture, lasting 5 years, as well as first- and second-cycle study programmes in urbanism, lasting 3 and 2 years, respectively. We also offer a Bologna doctoral programme in architecture (4 years). The Erasmus programme connects youth from all across Europe, creating bonds that will last for a lifetime. This is EU at its finest.

Erasmus+ is not the only programme available, and there are other opportunities to be found with CEEPUS, national bilateral exchanges, etc.

Architecture (as a universal phenomenon), science, and language can each serve as a bond to connect us not only as friends or acquaintances, but also as professionals who seek out local qualities and particularities in the globalised world, and respectfully transfer and adapt them to other cultures, thereby enriching them.

Enjoy your stay at our faculty, in Ljubljana and Slovenia! Study hard, but don’t forget to make it your best year ever. Find new friends, travel, get to know our country, its architecture, culturally rich regions, and friendly people!