Study Practice MŠU

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  • Criteria for participation / meeting study obligations
    The responsible manager of an applicable ministry or project/research group gives the student an assignment of their choice or discretion within the scope of the department's activities. The student will monitor the management process of an urban development project.

Procedure and confirmation of study practice

Once a work placement agreement has been arranged, contact the Office at so that we can send you a placement form.

You must sign a contract with the relevant institution, which you obtain at the Student Affairs Office (Mrs. Šinkovec), attachment “Framework”.

The draft contract shall be sent by the institution for review to and
Annex to the contract “Academic certificate from the supervisor”

The supervisor must carry a degree in urbanism or an adjacent discipline with an SQF level of 8 at minimum (in accordance with the Slovenian Qualifications Framework Act, 2016).

The report should be written according to the given template.

Study practice on the basis of a contract can be carried out at the following institutions: Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia, Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Urban Institute of Ljubljana.

Assistance with study practice, e-mail:  and Include the cycle of the study programme and name of the selected institution.

Students can also choose a different institution per individual agreement (municipalities, bureaus, etc.)