1. What is the education process at the faculty like?

Creativity, collaboration, and mutual participation in creative activities are key concepts at our faculty.

Key skills are acquired through joint work at seminars, which include one of the more important subjects: Design Studio. The course is integrated throughout the study process and focuses on fostering independence and creativity in students (aspiring urbanists and architects alike) while also utilising knowledge gained from other coursework.

Study groups are formed for project work, comprising students from different years who, under the guidance of professors and assistants, design their initial projects in architecture and urbanism.

An important part of our studies is the cooperation and integration of students from different years. This is how skills and knowledge can be best shared between generations of future spatial designers.

Last but not least, group work fosters strong professional and personal connections that last a lifetime. After all, a lot of time during the studies is spent collaborating in drafting rooms. Professional networking is additionally enhanced through workshops organised both at home and abroad, as well as during informal gatherings on professional excursions, which are another important part of the study curriculum.

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