Renewable Sources of Energy in Buildings

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  • Criteria for participation / meeting study obligations
    • for candidates enrolled in the doctoral programme 'architecture' at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana: an approved outline of the doctoral study plan (by their mentor/mentor group and the faculty doctoral committee) • for candidates enrolled in other doctoral programmes: learning agreement based on a bilateral agreement

The subject is divided into several modules:
• indoor comfort parameters,
• construction technology of passive and low-energy houses,
• components of passive and low-energy houses (thermal insulation, windows and doors, heating and ventilation systems, solar protection, etc.)
• ecological passive houses (houses made with natural materials, i.e. straw, clay, etc.)
• larger passive house buildings (commercial buildings, schools and kindergartens, public buildings, mountain lodges high in the mountains, industrial objects, etc.)
• renovation of buildings under principles of passive construction (thermal insulation, thermal bridges, ventilation, heating, etc.)
• innovative technologies (e.g. concrete core activation, wall cooling and heating systems, etc.)