Management Board

The Faculty of Architecture Management Board is responsible for managing funds and ensuring efficient material operations of the faculty in legal transactions made in the name of and on behalf of the faculty.

Work Tasks

  • approving the faculty’s annual work programme and monitoring its implementation over the course of the academic year, namely its financial aspects, as specified above,
  • supervising the handling of faculty funds and adopting decisions on the management of said funds in accordance with the previous article,
  • deciding on the alienation or encumbrance of real estate or high-value equipment belonging to the faculty, with prior approval from the university executive board,
  • determining tuition fees and fees for other services, whenever they are not or are only partially financed by the national program,
  • determining the price list for activities listed in Article 26 of the UL Statutes or Article 9 of these Rules, 
  • proposing changes to tuition fees or other study fees to the Administrative Board of the University of Ljubljana,
  • deciding on matters of an economic or material nature and ensuring the efficient operation of the faculty in areas specified by the previous article,
  • adopting uniform criteria for decisions on student applications linked to payments of tuition fees or other study fees,
  • at the first cycle, deciding on student applications for exemption from tuition fees or other study fees, or from installment payments, upon a proposal of the Academic Affairs Committee,
  • deciding on other matters regarding the material operations of the faculty, and ensuring the realization of principles and decisions of the University of Ljubljana Management Board.

Sessions Calendar


Records of Management Board meetings are published on the Faculty of Architecture website.