Programme Interruption

Single-Cycle Master Study Programme Architecture (EMŠA)

An interruption of a study programme is formalized the day the student loses their status.

For up to two years following interruption, the student can continue and complete the original study programme.

Students who are interrupting a study programme that is now part of a single-cycle programme continue their studies according to the new programme.

During an interruption in studies, full-time students pay exam fees according to the UL price list.

Exam Registration

Students can register for exams with the ŠIS system. After registering successfully, they are notified that they will receive an invoice for the related service over e-mail.


Advancing to a higher year (or re-enrolling in the same year - limited to once per study programme) is possible only if the student meets the required criteria or by petitioning the Academic Affairs Committee and receiving a positive response.

In case of an interruption in a study programme that lasts for more than 2 years, an application must be filed through ŠIS for the continuation of studies. The application is processed by the UL FA Academic Affairs Committee.

The committee’s decision can be found on ŠIS, along with an invoice for the related fees.