Extended Status

First-Cycle University Study Programme Urbanism (UŠU)

Justifiable Reasons for an Extended Status

Students can, under justifiable reasons, extend their student status by a maximum of one year:

  • if they have not completed a first- or second-cycle study programme within 12 months of the last semester,
  • if they have not completed a single-cycle master’s study programme within 12 months of the last semester, or
  • if they have not enrolled in a higher year or semester (at the first, second, or third cycle).

The UL FA Academic Affairs Committee may extend student status under justifiable reasons (long-term illness, extreme familial or social circumstances, paternal leave, special needs and special status).

Students of first- and second-cycle programmes, single-cycle master’s study programmes or doctorate programmes may extend their status once, for a maximum of one academic year. In doing so, they do not lose the right to an extra year after completion of their last year of studies.

Year Plus

Foreign students who obtain 30 ECTS during their first year at the University of Ljubljana have the option of extending their student status by an additional year. Of these credits, 6 ECTS must comprise a course in Slovenian (Slovene as a Foreign Language 1 and Slovene as a Foreign Language 2).

The Year Plus programme is aimed at foreign students, enrolling for the first time in any first- or second-cycle programme at the University of Ljubljana. It comprises a free Slovenian language course, its primary goal being to facilitate the integration of students in both their study programmes and social life in general, while offering some additional content as well. The course is evaluated at 6 ECTS (2 subjects, each comprising 3 ECTS).

The Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language at the University of Ljubljana offers further courses in Slovenian. More at: http://centerslo.si/.


Students who become parents during their studies have the right to extend their student status by one year for each live birth.

It is a general rule that statuses are extended the academic year following childbirth or another justifiable reason.

Status extension is also possible in the last year of studies and during an extra year. This holds for all three cycles as well as single-cycle programmes.

Repeating a year or transferring between study programmes or courses does not affect justifiable student status extension, regardless of programme or cycle.