Student Council

The Student Council is a UL FA body comprised of ten members, each of them elected by UL FA students. The Student Council is made up of five representatives from EMŠA, one representative from UŠU and MŠU each, alongside three other students who, regardless of year or programme, receive the highest amount of votes.


UL FA Student Council composition in 2022/23

Filip Živković
Vice President
Marko Stavrev
Council members
Fedja Ković, Filip Mikuž, Neža Napret, Lara Jana Gabrijel, Urša Koželj, Martin Smrekar, Josipa Regović.

The councilors’ mandate lasts for 1 year.


  • observing the views and opinions of the student majority,
  • submitting proposals and opinions on all matters related to the rights and responsibilities of students,
  • submitting an opinion on pedagogical work during the election process to the titles of Higher Education Teacher (visokošolski učitelj), Researcher (znanstveni delavec), and Higher Education and Research Associate (visokošolski in raziskovalni sodelavec),
  • formulating and submitting opinions representative of faculty students to the Student Council of the university,
  • electing members of faculty bodies and nominating students as candidates for working bodies when so allowed by these Rules,
  • carrying out other tasks in accordance with decisions of the faculty senate or dean.