9. What are the capability tests like?

Candidates who wish to enrol in the Single-Cycle Master Study Programme Architecture (EMŠA) must pass the Architecture Studies Capability Test. This exam is mandatory both for candidates enrolling in their first year of studies, as well as for candidates enrolling in a higher year as per the programme transferring criteria or accelerated advancement criteria. The test comprises two parts. The first is an exam of artistic and spatial talents, consisting of two exercises, and includes an assessment of the student’s ability for abstract thought. The second part of the test consists of a candidate interview; here, we evaluate the candidate’s interests, motives, social and cultural awareness, resolve, character, their connection to architecture, and finally, their critical evaluation and knowledge of the architectural environment.

Likewise, candidates who wish to enrol in the First-Cycle University Study Programme Urbanism (UŠU) must also pass a capability test. The test comprises two parts: a textual-graphic examination and an interview. The test assesses the candidate’s abilities of spatial comprehension and expression, their aptitude for spatial organisation and development, their analytical reasoning, cooperativeness in group settings, as well as leadership qualities and communication skills. The test is carried out anonymously. The interview is a mix of general questions pertaining to spatial comprehension, aptitude for spatial arrangements, motivation in terms of solving problems in urban and non-urban spatial development, awareness of developmental challenges in modern society in relation to settlements and the environment, empathy, and ethical principles.

Both capability tests typically take two days to complete.

Be assured that all attending candidates will be accompanied by our students who have recent experience with the tests, ensuring a comfortable experience.