8. What work opportunities can I find after finishing my studies?

Students finishing their programmes will discover many opportunities for work. Very often, students will find themselves actively engaged in architectural or urban design internships at home or abroad. These are undertaken during their studies and serve as an especially common stepping stone afterwards.

Even once students have graduated, opportunities for work remain very diverse. Many of our graduates continue to work with non-governmental organisations, municipalities, ministries and research institutions, while others venture into the worlds of design, film, and theatre; some turn to writing about spatial topics, and still others open up their own businesses in architecture. The Faculty of Architecture offers its students a project-based approach to study and work, emphasising finding creative solutions to new problems, be they spatial, design-related, social or economic. Urbanists especially come to possess a colourful palette of skills, ranging from technical knowledge to distinctly social insights. They can therefore find employment in domestic and international architecture and urbanism bureaus, research institutions, development agencies, or at municipalities, ministries, and international agencies. Their ability to tackle complex spatial issues rewards them with many future employment opportunities. We equip our students with tools and methodologies required for a proactive stance on a multitude of topics, which in turn call for a multitude of innovative responses.

As many work opportunities as there may be, as with all other successful career paths, it is interest, determination and self-initiative that are the main drivers of success.