University of Ljubljana
Faculty of architecture

3. What types of projects and topics can I expect?

3. You will cover a wide range of topics related to the state of space and ideas for its future development. Throughout your studies, you will tackle and address different issues by applying the theoretical, artistic and technical skills you will have acquired.

In addition to the regular curriculum, which is available on our website, the faculty offers a variety of short-term spatial planning projects each year, such as week-long and month-long workshops, organised in cooperation with local communities, municipalities, and other domestic or foreign faculties/universities. These events allow participants to apply their knowledge in a realistic and comprehensive manner. At the same time, these projects offer many students their first opportunity to present their own ideas and contribute to the benefit of certain communities.

Each year, we publish the INTRO publication, a collection of select reflections and projects from that academic year. You can find it at the bottom of the website. At the turn of each year, the faculty is transformed into a public gallery; its seminars, lecture halls, even corridors, brim with our students’ reflections, projects and installations. It is here that students can see the results of their colleagues’ projects, and in turn present their own to others, including the general public. Last academic year we began a new exhibition practice: an online exhibition called Space in the Cloud. You can view it by following the link at the bottom of the page (or right here). Every year we also organise collaborations with various important municipal institutions, i.e. the Museum of Architecture and Design, the Kresija Gallery, the Cankar Hall, and others, where students use their projects and workshops to raise awareness as to the culture and state of space. Students can also engage in more theoretical practice at the faculty. You can view the presentation of the theoretical seminar at the online exhibition Theory at UL FA.