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University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Architecture
Zoisova 12
1000 Ljubljana

Chief librarian:
Tel. + 386 1 2000 751
Fax.+ 386 1 4257 414

The FA (Faculty of Architecture) Library is an academic library which provides information services for the students, the University staff, researchers and professionals. It is also a part of the National Library Network and Cooperative Bibliographic Information System and Service – COBISS.

From 1997 it is located on the first floor of the  additional building of The Faculty of Architecture.

systematic collection, keeping and borrowing of lecture books;
supplementation of the collection of compulsory and recommended literature for studies in individual subjects;
supplementation of a comprehensive collection (dictionaries, professional manuals, encyclopaedias etc., which are available in the reading room);
continuous collection and provision of the leading foreign and domestic journals from the fields of architecture, urbanism, civil engineering, design etc;
supplementation of personal bibliographies of researchers .

Monday – Thursday from 8:00 to 15:00
Wednesday from 8:00 to 17:00
Friday from 8:00 to 14:00

Summer library hours:
Monday – Friday from 9:00 to 13:00
September  from 8.00 to 14.00
Summer library hours are in effect  from  July 1  –  August 31

Use of the Library and its services is available to Library members only with the Library or student card, which can also be used in every other academic library at the University of Ljubljana. Membership is effective for the current academic year.

The loaning periods:
Most of the books  - 21 days  with 1 renewal
Manuals – 14 days with 1 renewal
Journals – 7 days with 1 renewal
DVDs – 7 days with 1 renewal
Library materials can be renewed only if the items have not be requested by someone else.
Renewals and reservations may be made:
In person
By phone
By e-mail
Online -  via web service My Library
Library items may also be returned to the outdoor book return (book box) near the entrance to the Library.
The outdoor book return is only available when the Library is closed.
Returning is formally registered  the next working day, which can be verified in My library.
Any potential debt (overdue fees) is automatically assigned to the user upon returning books and must be settled at the next Library visit.

Books are arranged according to their subjects (classmarks) – everything on the same subject will appear together on the shelves.
Journals are on display and shelved by alphabetical order.
The Library holds about 20.700 volumes of books and 80 journal titles; most of them have an open shelves access.
The Libray FA also keep bachelor's, and master's degrees, research theses and PhD dissertations.

Every part of our work (borrowing, members' data, interlibrary loan, catalogue) is completely computerized.
Beside the lending Library material, members are welcome to use the reading room with its 20 seats and 8 PC workstations and the wireless network which already serves the entire campus.

The Libray provides licensed access to a number of foreign and domestic information services, electronic journals and specialised databases, such as:
COBISS; COMPENDEXICONDAWeb of Science (WoS)Science DirecT;  Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

The »remote access« service provides members of the University of Ljubljana libraries with access information resources from any location regardless of the library hours.

The service can be used by active members of our Library (students and university staff).

The Libray FA  also catalogues and prepares researchers’ bibliographies - professional papers and scientific articles.